Nutrition Advice for a Healthier You

Eat the nutrients you need – Optimise your diet – Provide the nutrients your diners need

Alible Nutrition is here to support individuals in:

  • Identifying the elements of your diet that may be contributing to your health concerns – due to their inclusion or absence
  • Identifying changes to your diet that may help to support your health
  • Reviewing the balance of nutrients in the meals you eat based on your existing diet and lifestyle.


Alible Nutrition is here to support your business by:

  • Reviewing the nutritional content of the food your workplace canteen offers to your staff and/or student diners
  • Enabling you to inform parents and carers about the nutrition your nursery provides to their children.


Registered Nutritional Therapist and BANT Registered Nutritionist® Karen Austin supports individuals in the optimisation of their diet to support their health and wellbeing, and businesses to support the health of their diners.

Our Services

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Nutritional Therapy

Optimise your diet to support your health.


Personalised Nutritional Analysis

Eat the nutrients you need to maintain your health.


Canteen Nutritional Analysis

Support your staff or students in consuming a healthy, nutritious diet.


Day Nursery Nutritional Analysis

Reassure parents, carers and Ofsted that the food you serve meets the children’s nutritional needs.

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