Canteen Nutrition Review

Do Your Canteen Menus Offer Healthy, Nutritious Meals?

For many of your diners, a hot meal in your canteen be their main meal of the day.  Shouldn’t their main meal be as nutritious as possible to support their health, and help them be productive?


Alible Nutrition’s Canteen Nutrition Review can help you check the nutritional content of your menus.  By working together, we will review and improve your menus so that you can offer your staff and/or students more healthful meals.  The review will reveal the energy content of the meals along with levels of fat, carbohydrate, protein and 25 vitamins and minerals.  PLUS once your menu has been amended to include suggested changes, we will review the revised menu to confirm the nutritional improvements.


This service is for any workplace, school or college canteen offering a variety of meals each day.

(An alternative service is available for Day Nurseries)

The Canteen Nutrition Review package:

Four Consultation Meetings*

  • An initial meeting with you to agree the menus/meals to be reviewed
  • A feedback meeting to discuss the review outcome and improvement opportunities
  • A review meeting to discuss the changes that you have made to the menus, and any business changes that have occurred
  • A follow-up feedback meeting to discuss the follow-up review’s findings.

* Up to 20 miles travel distance from our office in Whitwell, Derbyshire

Nutritional Analysis of Your 4-week Menu Cycle

  • Review of meals on a 4-week menu cycle (5 days per week with up to 3 complete meal options per day)
  • Analysis conducted using your recipes and portion sizes
  • Detailed report revealing the nutritional content of each meal and highlighting improvement opportunities
  • A second analysis of your menus following any improvements you make based on the first review.  (This will only apply to menus revised based on improvement areas highlighted in the initial report, not completely new menu offerings).

Offer your diners nutritious meals.

Price: £500


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