Day Nursery Nutrition Review

“The [Environmental Health] inspector was really impressed. She couldn’t believe the level of detail we had gone in to for the children.”

(Nursery Manager, Derbyshire)

Does your nursery serve food that meets the children’s nutritional needs?

The food children enjoy at nursery is likely to make up the majority of the food they have each day, in many cases it is their main food each week.  Therefore these meals should provide the nutrition they need.

Give confidence to parents, carers, Ofsted and Environmental Health that children left in your care are offered the nutritious food they need with a Day Nursery Nutrition Review.  The reviews highlight:

  • the energy content of the meals alongside their fat, carbohydrates and protein levels,
  • the menus’ levels of 25 vitamins and minerals,
  • nutrient levels compared to the nutritional requirements of children at appropriate ages.

Day Nursery Nutrition Review feedback and recommendations take account of the recommendations made by The Caroline Walker Trust.

The Day Nursery Nutrition Review package:

Four Consultation Meetings*

  • An initial meeting to discuss your menus and nursery structure, opportunities and constraints
  • A feedback meeting to discuss the review outcome and improvement opportunities
  • A catch-up meeting to discuss menu changes and any significant changes to the nursery
  • A follow-up review meeting to discuss the follow-up review outcome.

* Up to 20 miles travel distance from our office in Whitwell, Derbyshire

Nutritional Analysis of Your 4-Week Menu

  • Review of your menu cycle (up to four five-day weeks) consisting of three set meals and two snacks each day.   PLUS up to two specified dietary variations for the period of the menu cycle
  • Nutritional analysis using your recipes and portion sizes
  • Nutritional content compared against the nutritional requirements for the children’s age group/s
  • Detailed report revealing the nutritional content of each meal and highlighting improvement opportunities
  • A second analysis of your menus following any improvements you make based on the first review.  (This will only apply to menus adjusted based on improvement areas highlighted in the initial report, not completely new menu offerings).

Reassure parents, carers, and others that the food you serve is healthy and nutritious.

Price: £450

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