• Have you cut a food group from your diet due to personal preference, allergy or ethical reasons?
  • Have you removed a nutrient group from your diet such as carbs or fat?
  • Do you eat a limited range of foods?
  • Are you aiming to eat more healthily to protect your health?

Your body is amazing.  There is so much going on in it all the time – movement, breathing, hormones, digestion, and so much more!

But, your body can only do these things if you give it the right fuel and materials – the majority of which comes from the air you breathe, and the food you eat.

An Alible Nutrition Nutritional Review provides an analysis of your diet to help you see the nutrients your body may need more of, and any it may need in smaller amounts.

Analysis reports are based on the UK’s recommended nutrient intakes for basic good health*, based on your age and sex.

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*This service does not take account of specific individual nutritional needs and is not recommended for individuals with any health conditions or concerns.  If you do have health conditions or concerns, please refer to my Nutritional Therapy page.

I am not able to support you if you have an eating disorder, kidney failure, or have a cancer diagnosis/are receiving cancer treatment.

Choose From Two Nutritional Review Packages


Includes all the features listed below



Includes all the features listed below

PLUS: 60 minute Progress Review consultation


Each package the following features:

  • 60 minute initial consultation – to discuss your dietary concerns, and your 7-day diet diary
  • 60 minute feedback consultation – a review of the results of your analysis
  • Detailed report of your nutrient intake – including macros and 25 vitamins and minerals
  • Healthier Habits Action Plan

Consultations are conducted online only.
Telephone conversations can be arranged for anyone without suitable internet access.

Additional Support

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Following your completion of either of the above packages, you can request up to 6 months’ additional support.

This support provides Progress Review consultations held every 6-8 weeks.

Additional Support must be booked no more than 2 months from the end of your Silver or Gold package, and be paid in full prior to the first consultation.

Price: £280

Please refer to the full terms and conditions for information regarding payment, cancellations and refunds in relation to all Nutritional Therapy packages and additional Progress Reviews.

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