The health of your gut, and your nutrient intake may be contributing to:

  • Digestive problems: reflux, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea
  • Immunity and autoimmunity-related problems, including allergies and intolerances
  • Inflammation-related ailments, e.g. colitis, diverticulitis, IBS
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, mood imbalances
  • Low energy
  • Weight issues

Did you know it is believed that 70% of your immune system is in your gut?  It also has a role in hormone regulation, moods, appetite control, and more.

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You Are More Than Your Symptoms

Your symptoms do not have to be the focus of your life.  Nutritional therapy can help you to:

  • Understand your body 
  • Recognise your unique needs
  • Support your body, using a food-first approach
  • Identify appropriate lifestyle changes 
  • Achieve your health goals
  • Optimise your long-term health

Nutritional therapy is a complementary therapy that can be used alongside conventional medicine.

Please note: I am not currently able to support you if you are undergoing cancer treatment, have an eating disorder, or if you are experiencing kidney failure.

Important! I am not able to diagnose medical conditions or give advice regarding medical treatment- contact your medical professionals for diagnosis of health conditions and guidance around treatments.  If appropriate, and with your permission, I may communicate with your medical professional to ensure you get the best possible health care support.

Choose From Three Nutritional Therapy Packages


Up to 3 month’s support*



Up to 5 months’ support*

Plus: Detailed nutritional analysis



Up to 5 months’ support

Detailed nutritional analysis

Plus: Interim support calls
(telephone or online)


*Timescale based on consultations held 6-7 weeks apart.

Each package includes the following features:

  • A 90-minute initial consultation – to discuss your needs, and what to expect from me.
  • A detailed analysis of your health concerns.
  • Manageable take-aways – Healthier Habits agreed at every consultation.
  • Progress reviews – we’ll recognise your progress and review any challenges you experienced.
  • Resources to support you – for example explanatory handouts, recipes, or meal planning ideas.
  • Time to improve – 6-7 weeks between consultations gives you time to make changes.
  • Records – you’ll receive a documented record of our key discussions and agreements.
  • Transparency – you’ll receive notes of key scientific references I used during my analysis.
  • Convenience – I’ll travel to you (up to 20 miles from Whitwell, Derbyshire), or consult online.

Optional Extras

In addition to the options above, you may also like to consider the following add-on options, according to your needs.  Functional tests will be discussed during consultations if they may be of benefit to you.

  • Approximately 6 months’* additional support following the completion of your nutritional therapy package.
  • For clients who would prefer longer-term support, perhaps due to more complex health needs.
  • 60-minute progress review consultations, online or in-person.
  • Can be chosen multiple times in succession.

Must be booked within 2 months of the final nutritional therapy, or Extended Support Package, consultation.

Must be paid in full prior to the arranged start date.

*based on consultations taking place 8 weeks apart

  • For clients who have weight management concerns
  • Measure your progress with measurements taken as part of each consultation (will add around 30 minutes to consultation times)
  • ONLY available with Gold or Platinum nutritional therapy packages (plus any subsequent extended support)
  • ONLY available during in-person consultations
  • To help you get a better understanding of your health status*
  • Only recommended to clients where the results may help steer the agreed strategy to achieve better outcomes
  • May be in the form of blood tests, finger-prick tests, urine or stool tests
  • Feedback will be given during planned consultations
  • If similar tests may be available through your GP, you will be given the option to request that service instead of paying for private tests

*Where appropriate (and with your permission), test results may be shared with your GP.  This helps your GP to have a complete record of your test history, and enables them to diagnose or treat any medical conditions the results may indicate to them.

Please refer to the full terms and conditions for information regarding payment, cancellations and refunds in relation to all nutritional therapy packages and add-ons.

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