Personalised Nutrition: Nutritional Therapy

Are You Ready to Optimise Your Health?

Improve the way you feel through food

If you have long-term or recurring health problems that are reducing the quality of your life, nutritional therapy may help you to feel better.

Alible Nutrition’s nutritional therapy identifies your body’s system imbalances using the functional medicine approach.  To do this, we will work together to review your health concerns, health history, and diet and lifestyle.  At consultations we will agree improvements your diet that are believed to support those system imbalances to reduce symptoms.  We will consider what is practicable for you, your lifestyle, and your ethical and religious beliefs when agreeing your health action plan.

Alible Nutrition’s nutritional therapy services aims to support you if you have concerns regarding:

  • Bone health
  • Digestion
  • Hormone-related conditions
  • Immunity and autoimmunity
  • Inflammation
  • Low energy
  • Mental health
  • Nerve-related conditions
  • Skin conditions
  • Weight management

Please note that Nutritional Therapists, in general, are not able to diagnose medical conditions.  Please contact your medical professionals for diagnosis of health conditions or investigation into any recent, significant changes to your health.  With your permission, Alible Nutrition may communicate with your medical professional regarding our consultations, if appropriate.

Alible Nutrition does not currently offer support for those undergoing cancer treatment or with eating disorders.  Alible Nutrition may however consider working as part of a multi-discipline team to support you through these conditions.


The evidence

Alible Nutrition’s approach is based on scientific evidence.  As your Registered Nutritional Therapist I will review published studies and appropriate articles to help identify the best approach for you.  Key resource references will be included in your consultation materials.

Scientific understanding is constantly evolving.  Client-specific research therefore ensures that the most appropriate and recent data is used when reviewing your case.

Make your diet is as good as it can be

Do you have a restricted diet due to preferences or ethics, or specific food allergies but no health concerns?  A Personalised Nutritional Analysis may be for you.  Nutritional analyses allow you to check that you are getting the nutrients you need for general good health through a review of your diet.


Alible Nutrition’s Full Nutritional Therapy Assessment package also includes a Personalised Nutritional Analysis to support you in effectively balancing your diet.

Medication and supplements

Unless otherwise qualified, nutritional therapists cannot give advice regarding medication or surgical procedures.  However, Alible Nutrition does take your existing medication into account.  This helps to understand your symptoms and ensure that recommendations will not interfere with any medical treatment you are receiving.


A food first approach.

Alible Nutrition believes that nutritional supplements should be there to support your health, not to replace food.  Alible Nutrition will only recommend nutritional supplements if there is evidence that those nutrients may be helpful to you.  ‘Functional’ supplements may be considered on the basis of their perceived properties, for example in support of gut health.  If we agree that you remove specific foods from your diet, we will discuss alternative foods to support your nutritional intake before considering nutritional supplements.

Alible Nutrition does not sell supplements.


From time to time it is helpful for clients to have tests in order to support understanding of their health status.  These tests may be blood tests, including finger-prick tests, or stool tests.  Alible Nutrition does not carry out any tests and will provide you details of the appropriate organisation/s who do so.  Some tests are carried out by the NHS at no additional cost to you, we can discuss such tests during your consultations.

We will discuss any test recommendations during our consultations, including the associated costs and benefits.

Nutritional Therapy Review

Three consultation package

Three consultations:

  • Initial Consultation – to discuss your goals and pre-completed Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire;
  • Feedback Consultation – to agree your health action plan;
  • Progress Review – to review your progress and amend your improvement action plan if necessary.

We will agree a few basic diet and lifestyle improve actions at the initial consultation, with further, more specific actions to be agreed at the Feedback Consultation.

Additional progress reviews can be arranged at a cost of £70* each following your third consultation.

Full Nutritional Therapy Assessment

Including Personalised Nutritional Analysis

Four consultations:

  • Initial Consultation – to discuss your goals and pre-completed Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Feedback Consultation – to agree your health action plan
  • Progress Review – to review your progress and check completed Seven-Day Food & Symptom Diary
  • Nutritional Feedback – to review the your nutritional analysis outcomes and health action plan.

We will agree a few basic diet and lifestyle improve actions at the initial consultation, with further, more specific actions to be agreed at the Feedback Consultation.

You will receive the Seven-Day Food & Symptom Diary at the Feedback Consultation, for you to complete no more than two weeks prior to the Progress Review to enable you to embed your health improvement action plan.

Additional progress reviews can be arranged at a cost of £70* following your fourth consultation.

If you have private health care cover, you may be able to claim for Nutritional Therapy through your insurer.  Please check the terms of your policy with your private health care insurer.

*An additional charge of £1 per mile applies for our travel to each consultation held more than 20 miles (as per driving distance) from our office in Whitwell, Derbyshire.  Alternatively, we can consider consultations via Skype.  You will be informed of any additional charges when the location of the meetings is agreed.

If you would like more information about our nutritional therapy service please contact us.