The power of nutrition affects so many aspects of our lives, but many people do not associate their diet with their health.  We frequently see organisations promoting wellness and wellbeing activities, but few factor in nutrition.

Alible Nutrition talks and presentations help people in schools, workplaces, groups and organisations get a better understanding of the importance of nutrition for health.

My approach reflects that of my Nutritional Therapy service and information pages:

  • Up-to-date, reliable and scientific data sources
  • Focus on long-term health, not the latest fads
  • Customised to incorporate your organisations needs and/or interests
  • Interactive, where appropriate.

Nutrition-related information will be presented to your staff, team or students to support their healthful-eating education and interests.

Meeting room
Healthy food sign with Post-it pads

Topics include:

  • Nutrition and healthful eating basics
    • What the different nutrients are and why we need them
    • Portion sizes
    • Nutrition labelling
    • Simple ways to improve your diet
  • Nutrient-specific talks
    • Discussion about a specific nutrient: carbs, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals

The content, structure and timings can be designed to suit your needs.
(I do not currently offer cooking demonstrations).

Prices start at £555.
(Rates may be negotiable for schools and charity organisations)

Request a call to discuss your requirements

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